Monday, 29 January 2007

If You Want to be my killer!

About 10 days ago i found out another one of those rhyme things.
This is it

If you wana be my killer
Daggers 50p
Chainsaws are a fiver buy one get one free!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

if you want to find what celebrities share your birthday go on to this link.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007


i found a website that lets you listen to loads of music clips.i would suggest magical trevor 1,2,3 and 4.


EXCELLENT song the music is asome and i am sure the people that made it put a lot of work into it


i found a very funny clip of chinese mayhem!

Monday, 22 January 2007

Yoda spears

you seen Britny Spears husband it's yoda spears.


Hope you like candy because i have a whole clip about it.


Pudge on the table
Originally uploaded by phyl1.
This is my wee brother on the table puting his hands up

Saturday, 20 January 2007

i went to my friend's house on Friday and my other friend came aswell. His name is Kuen wai and he showed me this really cool website you can go on to it just click on Kuen wai.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

12 signs of zodiac

Do you want to now your star sign

Chinese years

Click here to find out your Chinese year symbol. I'm an ox.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

A thousand years later

A thousand years later
Originally uploaded by MarcelR.
The weapon a thousand years later makes a moutain fall out the sky and land on their head this can only effect 1 opponent worm.The worm affected will lose 50% health.

Ho Ho Ho boom!

Ho Ho HO boom
Originally uploaded by MarcelR.
Ho Ho Ho boom!just calls in Santa Clause to drop bombs on their head if it is on target the worm hit will lose 25% health.

Instant eruption

Instant eruption
Originally uploaded by MarcelR.
Instant eruption is a good weapon it just causes a volcanic eruption under all opponent worm's feet It makes them lose 50% health each.

The island goes BOOM!

The island goes boom
Originally uploaded by MarcelR.
The weapon The Island goes BOOM! makes 1 of your worms fly and will not be affected it also makes all of the worms on the island lose their seven best weapons. If a worm finds a crate with one of the weapons they lost they will lose 20% health. The weapon won't kill the worms.It is very rare.

The shredder

The shredder
Originally uploaded by MarcelR.
The weapon the shredder you need to put right next to your opponent and it simply shreds the worm. The worm shredded will lose 100% health. The shredder is very rare.

The three, two, one, zzzzz

The three, two, one, zzzzz
Originally uploaded by MarcelR.
The weapon three,two,one,zzzzz is a very simple weapon.R1 to target hold down X for full power and it electrocutes the worm targeted.The worm will lose 50% health.


i found my worms pictures.Here's a couple.

Monday, 15 January 2007


Originally uploaded by phyl1.
What do you shout when a massive polar bear attacks? Don't eat me eat the girl!

Sunday, 14 January 2007


ice cream
Originally uploaded by Lotsie.
this is my wee brother after dessert and he is eating ice -cream and pasta togther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think my wee brother enojyed dinner tonight. Here's a photo of him after he shoved the plate of spaghetti into his face.

worms gone

Sorry about yesterday I couldn't find my worms pictures. I will have a look about for them and upload them soon because I am sure they won't be too hard to find and they are so cool they are worth waiting for!


Originally uploaded by Lotsie.
as you can see my boss aint happy

Cool Dude!

this is my cool dude manager he's got a cool mohican and my old cool glasses

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Numa Numa lyrics

Blue = Romanian
Red = English


Miya-haha- -
Alo, Salut,

sunt eu,
un haiduc,
Si te rog, iubirea mea,
primeste fericirea.
Alo, alo,
sunt eu Picasso,
Ti-am dat beep,
si sunt voinic,
Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic.
- Chorus 3 (2 times) -Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma,
nu ma iei,
Nu ma,
nu ma iei,
nu ma,
nu ma,
nu ma iei.
Chipul tau si dragostea din tei,
Mi-amintesc de ochii tai.

- Verse 4 -Te sun,
sa-ti spun,
ce simt acum,
iubirea mea,
sunt eu,
sunt iarasi eu,
Ti-am dat beep,
si sunt voinic,
Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic.

Hello [on a cellphone],
it's me, an outlaw,
I ask you,
my love,
to accept happiness.
Hello, hello,
it's me, Picasso,
I sent you a beep [cellphone signal],
and I'm brave [or strong],
But you should know that I'm not asking for anything from you.
You want to leave but you don't want don't want to take me,

don't want don't want to take me,
don't want don't want don't want to take me.
Your face and the love from the linden trees,
And I remember your eyes.
I call you [over the phone],

to tell you what I feel right now,
Hello, my love,
it's me,
your happiness.
it's me again,
I sent you a beep [cellphone signal] and I'm brave [or strong],
But you should know that I'm not asking for anything from you.


Here's another clip

Numa Numa Yoda

I found an amazing clip of yoda dancing.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007


When I was on holiday at Christmas time I decided to invent some new games for Worms for PS2 and Nintendo DS. I drew pictures of the new games and new weapons and wrote what the worms have to do. Come back to my blog tomorrow when I will start to upload my worms games for you to see.

Danish people fart a lot in lifts!!!

Marcel thinks Danish can be funny
Originally uploaded by phyl1.
it is very smelly in the lift

a lift to heaven

a lift sign
Originally uploaded by phyl1.
I found out that lifts in Denmark can carry 8 persons or 600 gods.

little penis

the pianist
Originally uploaded by phyl1.
My wee sister thinks that a pianist is called a penis!

aliens attack EARTH!

aliens in denmark
Originally uploaded by phyl1.
I was standing in the science museum behind a magnifying glass i had a massive head and a tiny body. There is also a picture of my sister there .


Real men love to cut down trees!
Originally uploaded by phyl1.
i found out my wee brother is EVIL!!!!!

Hedwig's family reunion

Originally uploaded by phyl1.
in the same the same museum i found stuffed hedwig and her brother.

big tits!!!!!

Originally uploaded by phyl1.
I was in a museum with some stuffed blue TITS!!!